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❖ In order to fulfill its mission, the company has been founded on a solid base, deriving its inspiration from the country’s leading professional technical team of engineers, whom have wide technical experiences understanding the needs of every customer with empathy.

❖ Piccalilly has a very sound financial base backed by financial institutions and banks. We have handled major supplies of up to US$ 10 M to different customers. Moreover, it is guided by eminent and experienced Industrialists, Engineers, and professionals on its Board of Directors.

Our Products & Solutions

  • Petroleum Products
    Petroleum Products
  • Ware Housing
    Ware Housing
  • Blankets & Bedding
    Blankets & Bedding
  • Transformers
  • Construction Materials
    Construction Materials
  • Air Conditioners
    Air Conditioners
  • Medical Equipment
    Medical Equipment
  • Aircraft Fuel
    Aircraft Fuel
  • Military Equipment
    Military Equipment
  • Mosquito Repellants
    Mosquito Repellants

About Us

PICCALILLY in Kenya has well trained team to provide back up for all that is supplied by us.

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Piccalilly International Ltd

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Main Services

Transportation of goods

Petroleum Products( Super, Diesel, Jet A1) 



Clearing and forwarding