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ERC reduces petrol price by Sh9.36 a litre

NAIROBI, KENYA: Energy Regulatory Commission Wednesday reduced the price of Super Petrol by Sh9.36, Diesel price was increased by Sh2.44 while Kerosene price increases by Sh3.49.

"This was a consequence of the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol decreasing by 18.86% from US$ 695.68 per ton in August 2015 to US$ 564.47 per ton in September 2015. On the other hand, the average landed cost of imported Diesel during the period increased by 5.78% from US$ 492.92 per ton to US$ 521.43 per ton. "read part of the statement by ERC.

The purpose of the fuel pricing regulation is to cap the pump prices of the products which are already in the country, such as the importation and other prudently incurred costs are recovered, while ensuring reasonable prices to consumers. According to ERC, it is an offence to sell petroleum products above the maximum prices published by the commission. Any party that contravenes this requirement is liable to a fine of Sh1 million and/or the withdrawal of the operating system.

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